Updated on 3/17/2017
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GreeneStep Report Designer

GreeneStep report designer is specific to Oncloud, driven by 4 different templates to create Internal reports(reports executed from listings) and Menu reports(reports executed from respective category reports menu). Currently, there is no option to create the report without templates.

These templates are created with pre-defined report layout, variables, data source, parameter dialog and Style and all these predefined components are locked and cannot be modified.

Internal report will have an additional variable (IID), based on which data source for the report is created. Datasource for the menu report can be created using Store procedures or Tables or Views.

Please find below, some of the screen shots of the report designer.

Main Screen:

It is divided into two group, for designing new report and modifying and testing the selected report. Template for new report creation is automatically selected based on the  Orientation and the Report Type(Menu or Internal) defined.

Run/Modify report section contain options to select the report, to be tested or modified and Report Type(Currently None and POS exists) by default is None. POS is selected for testing internal POS report.

‘Check for direct print option’ can be used to test the report for direct printing without preview.

IID can be used to test the internal report.

Selected report can be tested for e-mailing with defined export type for attachment. Currently, it is defaulted to PDF. E-mail Account informations are taken from Mail server account specified in the OnCloud.

Configuration file for DB Connection string :

Connection string for the report is generated from this configuration file. Define Connection information before opening the designer. Based on this, a connection gets created on the report.

Menu Report Template(Portrait):

This template will have a predefined layout with few bands as default, which cannot be modified but the additional band and report components can be added.

Parameter Dialog: Height and width of the Dialog can be increased from properties window on the right-hand side. Different controls (Data aware and non-data aware) provided on the designer can be added to the dialog to get user option for report generation.

Internal Report Template(Portrait):  This template will not have any pre-defined band or layout on the report page but will have an additional variable IID as shown below.

Style Designer: Following styles are used in system reports and are available as default.

Variable Details :

User ID: Will get logged in User ID.

Report Title: To pass tile for the report.

IID: Will get an ID for the selected rows from listing.

Parameters Folder:  Can be used to define all the parameter variable under this


New Report : While creating a new report add the Methods and Boolean variables (highlighted in the snapshot given below) on code page.

·         Method ‘Update Parameter’ is called on Preview button click. It can be utilized to assign parameter value.

·         Method ‘Close Query’ is executed on Close button click. It can be utilized to add some coding on Close button click.

There are a lot of Video tutorials available on Stimulsoft website for report development.


Stimulsoft User manual can be viewed online using below link. http://www.stimulsoft.com/en/documentation/online/user-manual/