Updated on 3/17/2017
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Email-Customer Statement
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Email- Customer Statement

Summary:  This feature enables you to send the Customer Statement attached as a PDF file. You can also add the default Subject and Text of the email in the Company’s extended memo field. The option to send Customer Statement in Email is available in 2 places - Customer Listing and Customer Master.

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The ‘Email Customer Statement’ option is available in 2 places - Customer Listing and Customer Master.

Access this option from one of the places (Customer list or Customer Master).


In the parameter dialog box, make the selections based on your requirement and click on ‘Email’.

The statement gets attached to the email in Outlook as a pdf file. The Subject and Content of the email gets updated automatically with the data in the Company Extended Memo fields. You can make modifications to the email, if required and send the email to the Customer.

The Customer will receive the Statement as a PDF attachment.


  1. Create a folder by name ‘Exported Customer Statements’ under the ‘gsreports’ as shown in the below snapshot, The reason being the exported reports gets saved here and gets deleted once the mail is sent.

C:\Program Files (x86)\GreeneStep\OnCloud\gsReports\Reports\Exported Customer Statements

  1. Create a 2-new Extended Notes fields under companies and name them as below as shown in snapshot.


If defined in companies extended Notes field program considers this or else it puts default text as ‘Customer statement’.


        Email contents will be considered if defined in companies extended Notes field., If

    left blank email content will be blank customer can add desired email content.