Updated on 3/23/2018
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Sales Return/ Credit Procedure at POS
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Sales Return/ Credit Procedure at POS

NOTE:  The customer will need to present their original receipt, per the company’s return policy.

1.  At the top of the GreeneStep Main Menu window, select the ‘Retail’ menu.

2.  Under the ‘Retails’ menu > Transactions, select ‘Billing’.

3.  Click on the ‘Switch to Credit Note’ icon at the top of the screen.

NOTE:  The screen name, located in the upper left corner will change to ‘Sales Credit’ and the Transaction Name will change to ‘Credit Note’.

4. At the upper left under the ‘Customer’ heading, make sure the correct customer is chosen.  If the correct customer does not appear in the box, use the drop-down arrow on the right of the box to choose the correct customer from.

5.  Click in the ‘Product Code’ box to make begin scanning.  Use the scanning gun to scan the company set up barcode on the item.

6. Make sure the correct Product number is highlighted and click on ‘Accept’.

NOTE:  If the barcode label is not still on the product, use the keyboard to manually enter the Product number which will be on the original receipt.  This will bring up the same box in the picture above and once the correct Product number is highlighted, click on ‘Accept’.

7. Enter the correct quantity to be returned.

8. If the item was discounted on the original receipt, use either the ‘Tab’ key or the ‘Arrow’ key to move the cursor to the right to the correct discount box.  If it is a $ amount discount, enter it in the first box, labeled ‘Discount’.  If it is a % discount, enter the correct percentage in the second box, labeled ‘% Discount.

9. Use the ‘Down Arrow’ key to move to the next product.

10. Repeat steps 5 - 9 until all the Product(s) being returned are listed.

11. Once all the Products have been scanned/entered on the return, click on the ‘Notes’.

12. Enter the reason for the product / product(s) being returned.

13.  Click the ‘Disc’ icon to save the information.

14.  Use the ‘Sales Person’ hyperlink to select the correct sales person.

15.  Once the correct Sales Person is highlighted, double click on it and click on ‘Accept’.

16. Save the Transaction.

17.  When the ‘Payments’ window appears, click the cursor in the ‘Pay By’ box, so it is highlighted.  Once the ‘Pay By’ box is highlighted, click once on the box to bring up the ‘drop down arrow’ to the right.  Click on the ‘drop down arrow’ and highlight the correct payment method and double click on it.

18.  Once the correct payment method has been chosen, follow the steps below for the correct method.

NOTE:  The payment method should be the same for the refund as on the original receipt.

Make sure if the refund is going back on a credit card to choose the ‘Refund’ option, not the ‘Received’ option.

NOTE:  It is VERY important to make sure that the information entered into the ‘Payment Details’ screen is accurate and no mistakes have been made. After clicking on ‘Accept’, no changes can be made. For this reason, all the information entered into this screen should be double checked prior to clicking on ‘Accept’.

19.  Click the ‘Print’ button to print the receipt.