Updated on 3/23/2018
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Purchase Order Procedure
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Creating new Purchase Orders

1.  In GreeneStep main menu screen, select the ‘Purchases’ Menu.

2.  On the ‘Purchases’ menu > Transactions,  Select ‘Purchase Orders’ option.

3.  On the ‘Purchase Orders’ menu, choose the ‘New’ icon.

4.  Click on the ‘Arrow’ to the right of the ‘Supplier’ box.

5.  When the list appears, click on the ‘Account Name’ heading.

6.  In the ‘Search by Account Name’ box, enter the Supplier name.

7.  Highlight the correct Supplier and press ‘Enter’.

8.  Click on the drop-down arrow labeled ‘Ship To’.

9.  Highlight ‘All Addresses’ and ‘Enter’.

10.  Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the ‘Ship To’ box.  

11.  In the ‘Search by Code’ box, enter ‘SHIP TO ADDRESS’ and press ‘Enter’. This will put the Company’s address as the ship to address.

12.  Click so that the box below the ‘Product Code’ heading is highlighted.

13.  Enter the product number to purchase in the box.

14.  A box like this will appear with the product number in it.  When the product number has been completely entered and the correct product is highlighted, press ‘Enter’.

15.  Use the ‘Tab’ key to move to the ‘Quantity’ box.

16.  Enter the quantity to be purchased.

17.  Use the ‘Tab’ key to move to the ‘Cost’ box.  Make sure that it is correct. If not, enter the correct cost.

18.  Use the ‘Down’ arrow on the keyboard to move to the next line and enter the next product on the Purchase Order.

19.  Repeat steps 12 to 18 until all line products have been entered on the Purchase Order.

20.  Once all products have been entered on the Purchase Order, click the ‘Disc’ icon in the upper left corner of the screen to save the information.

21.  On the ‘Options’ menu, choose the ‘Print Transaction’ option.

22.  Click on the ‘Arrow’ to the right of the ‘Printer’ box and choose the correct printer.

23.  Click the ‘Preview’ button at the bottom of the screen.