Updated on 3/23/2018
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Inventory Adjustment Procedure
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Creating an Inventory Adjustment (Add Qty or Write Off Qty) 

Inventory Adjustments or Stock adjustments are used to adjust the quantity of the Product to match the actual stock.


1. Go to Warehouse> Transactions> Adjustments

2. On the Stock Adjustments List -> Click (+) sign or use ‘Insert’ key on the keyboard to create a Stock Adjustment document. You can also go to Menu and select ‘New’.

3. In the Stock Adjustment document, select the Product, select the Adjustment type and double click on the quantity field.

4. The screen displays the available stock in the ‘Qty to Attach’ column.This quantity can be used in Stock Adjustment for Write off transaction. Total stock quantity is affected when Add Quantity and Write off Quantity is done.

  • In the case of Add Quantity: Attached Quantity would be added to the Total Stock.

  • In the case of Write Off Quantity: Attached Quantity would be written off from the Total Stock.

5. Make sure the quantity being added is in the correct Region and Bin.

6. Click on Accept.

7. Double check if the ‘Cost’ is correct. This field is filled in automatically by the system.

8.  Use the ‘Down’ arrow on the keyboard to move to the next line.

9.  Repeat steps 3-8 for each product.

10. When all products have been entered, save the document. The total quantity of the Product(s) gets updated.