Updated on 3/23/2018
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Goods Receiving Process
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Freight Check-in and Goods Receiving Process 

When goods or freight is received, it should be checked in, received in the system, and put on the floor as soon as possible. When checking in freight, a Packing List and a copy of the Purchase Order should be on hand.  
Freight should be counted and identified by part number, then marked received on the Packing List.  If part numbers or quantities do not match the Packing List, it should be noted.  
The packing list should then be checked against the Purchase Order to make sure that what was received was what was ordered.  

Any discrepancies or damages should also be noted.  When this is completed, the Packing List should be signed and dated and stapled on top of the Purchase Order.

All damages and discrepancies should be put on a Debit Note and either faxed or phoned into the company the items were purchased from.

Once the freight has been checked in, it will need to be received in the system.  To receive the goods in the system, a copy of the invoice will be required.  If there is not a copy in the file, call the company and request a copy of the invoice to be faxed.

Once a copy of the invoice is received, it should be checked against the Purchase Order and the Packing List.

  1. From the ‘Purchases’ Menu, select the ‘Purchase Orders’ option.

2.  A search can be done either by PO# or by Name to locate the correct Purchase Order.

3.  To search by PO #, click on the first heading labeled ‘PO#’.  At the top of the screen, type in the PO# you are searching for.  Once it is highlighted, hit the ‘Enter’ key to select it.
4.  To search by Supplier, click on the heading labeled ‘Name’.  At the top of the screen, begin typing in the Supplier name you are searching for.  Once the one you are looking for is highlighted, hit the ‘Enter’ key to select it.

5.  Go to Menu, choose the ‘Process’ option and then the ‘Receive’ option.

6.  Now the Purchase Order has been converted to a Goods Receipt.  It should now show quantities under the ‘Received’ heading.

7.  If any of the items on the Purchase Order were not received on the Packing List and Invoice, they will need to be adjusted.

8.  To change the received quantity, highlight the quantity on the line that needs to be changed.

9.  Enter the correct quantity.  If the item has not been received, put a 0 in the box.

10.  Make sure the adjusted quantity is in the correct stocking location box.

11.  Click ‘OK’.

12.  Repeat steps 8-11 for all the line items that need to be adjusted.

13.  Once all quantities to be received are correct, Goto Menu> ‘Utility’ option and choose ‘Add-on Costs Details’ to add the freight to the receiving.

14.  In the ‘Add-on Cost Amount’ enter the amount of freight from the invoice.

15.  Use the ‘Tab’ key to move to the ‘Distribution Method’ box.

16.  Click on the ‘Arrow’ to the right of the ‘Distribution Method’ box.

17.  Highlight the ‘Amount’ option and press ‘Enter’

18.  The ‘Difference’ should equal zero.

19.  If the ‘Difference’ is not zero, make adjustments to several of the items so that it will be zero.

20.  To make the adjustment, click in one of the boxes under the ‘Add-on Costs’ heading.

21.  Adjust the numbers so that the ‘Difference’ is zero.

22.  Press the ‘Tab’ key to have the totals adjusted.

      NOTE:  It is best to adjust the ‘Difference’ amount to several items, rather than just one item.

23.  Compare the Amount, Add-on Costs, and Total to the Invoice.

24.  Double check to make sure that all numbers match what is on the Invoice.

      NOTE:  It is very important to make sure that these numbers are accurate and match the Invoice exactly, as once it has been received, there can be no changes made.

25.  Click ‘OK’.

26.  Double check to make sure that the ‘Goods Receipt’ Balance matches the total on the Invoice.

     NOTE:  If the Goods Receipt Balance and Invoice total do not match, repeat steps 13-26.

27.  Once the Goods Receipt Balance and the Invoice total match, click the ‘Disc’ icon to save the Transaction.