In terms of e-business/online business, a web store can be described as a means to display the products or services offered by web store. The web store displays only those categories, sub categories, products and tracking groups that are web-enabled in Back Office.

Note: Before the shopper can start working on the web store the following per-requisites needs to be made:

  • In order for the company to be available on Web store, “Display on Web Store” check box should be checked
  • Setting up products for display i.e. check the check box “Display on Web Store” for the products that need to be available on web store
  • “Enable Online terms” check box should be checked for Customer - Defining processes for order-creation online on the web store
  • Setting up e-mails and e-mail templates
  • Preferences for online account management
  • Web Store preferences to determine website behavior

Identifying Products

Greenestep allows you to web -enable only those products which you want to sell from the web store.

  'Display on web store' option needs to be enabled in the Product master, Web store> Display tab. Only then will the product be displayed on the web store. In addition, you can specify Product Preferences such as images, description, and banner-links, as the user wants them to appear on the web store.

Note: Hidden products will not be shown on the web store even if they are web-enabled.

Prices Displayed Online

   GreeneStep can calculate or display the price of products in various ways on the web store depending on the settings you do.

The following options are available for the prices displayed online:

· Rounding-off method

· Guest level pricing

· Customer pricing

· Show both regular and discounted price

· Call for price

· Scan lower levels and select lowest price

Stock Levels Online

    GreeneStepTM allows you to display stock information along with the product on the web store.

Note:The stock details are not displayed for Service type products

     GreeneStepTM can calculate or display the stock details of items in various ways on the web store depending on the settings you do.

The following options are available for the prices displayed online:

· Displaying the Stock Level

· Displaying Negative Stock

· Negative Stock

       Enable this option to display the stock level of all the products on the web store.

     To display the stock level of a product, do the following:

· E-Commerce main menu> Web Store Setup. Web Store Setup List comes up.

· From the list, open the Web Store Setup Master.

· Select the Layout> Stock tab.

· Select the radio button 'Display quantity available'.

· Select the required option from Quantity type drop-down from Specify the quantity type used to display

  and determine availability.

    . 'Display negative availability' check box - You can enable this option to display the negative value of the stock if the stock level falls below "0".

Note: If the available quantity for a product is "100"; a shopper orders for 110 numbers and after shipping the products, the stock in hand will be "-10". This negative quantity is displayed on the web store for this product.

The negative stock information display is possible only if you enable the 'Display negative availability' check box in the Web Store Setup Master.

Negative Stock

   On the web store if the quantity reserved against pending orders is more than the stock in hand, that means that there is no stock available. In such a case, the product will not display the quantity.

You can set the Web Store Setup master to display this quantity as a negative value.

Creation of Web Orders

     GreeneStepTM allows you to specify which sales documents must be created and how should the shipping charges be calculated, whenever a purchase is made on the web store.

The customers can make payments for web orders using any of the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • COD
  • Credit cards

Note: Cash on Delivery refers to making payments after delivering the items the shoppers has ordered for.

    Generally, products are shipped to shoppers by professional delivery agents. Delivery agents have their own delivery methods, depending on the requirement of the customer. Usually, there are additional charges for an express delivery

Secret Questions

    GreeneStep  allows you to define secret questions for the web store. At the time of registration, the online shopper is required to provide an answer for any of these questions. The secret answer and question will help them at the time of login, should they forget their login/Email password.

   To enter secret questions, do the following:

  • From the Ecommerce main menu, select Secret Questions. Secret Questions from Web Store dialog box comes up.
  • Here the user can enter four different secret questions.

    Setup secret questions using which shoppers on the online store can retrieve their forgotten passwords

   Select check box 'Create Security Questions that will be used to retrieve the forgotten Password of the Shoppers' to enable setting secret questions for the web shoppers. The secret question option displays for the shopper during web registration and adds an additional level of security when they log in. If a shopper forgets their password, they must correctly answer the secret question before they will be e-mailed a new password. If they cannot answer the secret question, they will receive an error message.

    Uncheck this check box to disable setting secret questions if you do not want the secret question option to appear during registration. If the web shopper forgets their password, a new password will be immediately sent to them.

   This option is not selected by default but it is a good business practice to keep the secret question enabled.

Note: If you are an existing user, this feature will be set based on your previous usage of secret questions. If you do not use secret questions on your web store, this option is not selected by default. If you use secret questions on your web store, this option is selected by default.

  • Enter up to four secret questions.
  • These questions display on the web store.
  • If your web shopper has forgotten the login/Email password, the shopper is prompted to answer the question that they have set for themselves at the time of registration. This feature enhances the security of the website when the shopper wishes to change the password or login/Email name.


     Banners on the web store are web equivalent of commercials. More specifically, a banner advertisement is a rectangular graphic, often animated, advertising a product or services.

You can either create a banner yourself or have it created for you professionally. If you create the banner on your own, you need to do it using graphic packages (like Adobe Photoshop or so). You can also have animated banners on the web store.

To display banners in the web store, you must associate images or graphic files in respective Masters in OnCloud. You can also link banners to specific products, categories, and sub-categories or to other websites. The banners specified in the Products/Categories/Manufacturers/Brand masters override the images specified in the Web Store Advertisement Master.

Note:The default banners appear in web pages where no specific banner has been assigned. The default banners can be set in Web Store Advertisement master available in Web Store Advertisement List. The banner images listed in this browser are picked up at random every time the web page is refreshed or visited

   To add a new banner image go to Ecommerce> Advertisements.

   From the Web Store Advertisement List open the Advertisement Master or create a new Advertisement Master.