Greenestep Back Office is multiple-company enabled. It can be used to run the operations of more than one company. The company set up process involves identifying the critical components of a company's database such as the code that identifies the company, its location, its chart of accounts, items, customers and vendors.

Greenestep Back Office provides you with the Company Creation Wizard to take you through each step in the set up process. You cannot create a company database from any other area or menu option.

To create a company, do the following:

  • From the main menu bar, select File > New Company. You will see the OnCloud Administrator Login dialog box.

  • You must have rights to create a company.

  • Enter the details and click OK. You will see the Company Creation Wizard.

  • Click Next. You will see the Company Information - Name section.

  • Enter the details and click Create Company. A company is created with the code and name specified.

The Company Creation Wizard is called the Company Setup Wizard when it is accessed after the initial company creation. Once the company has been created, you can also access the Company Setup Wizard by selecting File > Company Wizard from the main menu bar.